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Win Worley

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Smashing the Hosts of Hell
"Smashing the Hosts of Hell"
Win Worley
A Win Worley Book
"Every Believer's Privilege"

Chapter 1-2: Various Prophecies
Chapter 3: Who is Leviathan?
Chapter 4: Leviathan - King over Children of Pride
Chapter 5: Demonic Roots of Heraldry
Chapter 6: The Killer Spirit of Pride
Chapter 7: The Crown of Pride
Chapter 8: Do You Celebrate Nimrod's Birthday?
Chapter 9: The Hireling Fleeth, Defectors from Deliverance
Chapter 10: A Backslider Reclaimed
Chapter 11: More About those Accursed Dolls
Chapter 12: Notes on Dealing with Demons
Chapter 13: Orion - the Mystery Destroyer
Chapter 14: End Time Mind Control
Chapter 15: Overcoming Mind Control with Spiritual Gifts
Chapter 16: The Battle with Cigarettes
Chapter 17: Notes on Heart and Soul
Chapter 18: Restoring the Fragmented Soul
Chapter 19: Those Deadly Diabetes Spirits
Chapter 20: Proper Names of Demons
And many testimonies of deliverance!

Price: $9.00   Paperback
Product Code: 9901000998


Battling The Hosts Of Hell
"Battling The Hosts Of Hell"
Win Worley
A Win Worley Book
The Diary of an Exorcist

Win Worley's first book, his classic, is now available! This contains material useful for assimilating and utilizing material in succeeding books. Written to expose demonic deceptions and teach Spiritual methods for Christians to defeat evil spirits. Believers can recognize snares and learn how to break bondages.

Section 1: The Diary
Section 2: The Satanic Cosmos
Section 3: The Battle Today
Section 4: Invading Enemy Territory
Section 5: The Flesh or the Devil?
Section 6: What About Demons in Christians?
Section 7: Music and Demons
Section 8: Rock and Roll Music
Section 9: Christian or Jesus Rock Music
Section 10: Satan in the Classics?
Section 11: Clapping and Rhythm - Joy or Mayhem?
Section 12: Battling the Hosts of Hell
Section 13: Conditions for Deliverance
Section 14: Strength in Numbers
Section 15: Satanic Subversion
Section 16: The Battle is the Lord's
Section 17: How Demons Operate
Section 18: Danger - Backlash
Section 19: Deliverance: A Walk, Not an Event
Section 20: Testimonies
Section 21: Multiple Appendices, including...
Section 22: Preparing to Receive Deliverance

Price: $12.00   Paperback
Product Code: 0892210427


The Alcoholic Syndrome
"The Alcoholic Syndrome"
Win Worley
A Win Worley Book

This book is compiled from information which came about as a result of a significant break through in deliverance. As with much of the material in the Hosts of Hell series this was first triggered by things uncovered by our workers here in the Hegewisch Baptist Church.

From godly parents I first learned about the dangers of alcohol. In our day the Lord has stripped off the covers to let us see the demonic network of the alcoholic syndrome and how it operates. The critical role of sins of the fathers and breaking its power was a giant step forward. We quickly learned that the same pattern of circumstances, curses and weaknesses was identical in the drug addict. As a matter of fact everything that works to set the alcoholic free will also loose the bonds on drug addiction or any other heavy addiction.

Price: $9.99   Paperback
Product Code: 9781930275072


Conquering the Hosts of Hell
"Conquering the Hosts of Hell"
Win Worley
A Win Worley Book

Chapter 1: Poems
Chapter 2: Prophecy
Chapter 3: Hegewisch Baptist Church
Chapter 4: Buying the Preacher
Chapter 5: Deliverance in the Local Church
Chapter 6: Authority of the Believer
Chapter 7: Deliverance Patterns in the Bible
Chapter 8: Notes from a Deliverance Session
Chapter 9: Misconceptions about Dealing with Demons
Chapter 10: Anesthesia and Transfusions
Chapter 11: Notes on Witchcraft, Symbols and Objects
Chapter 12: Self-Deliverance
Chapter 13: The Curse of Jezebel
Chapter 14: Deception
Chapter 15: Warning Against Contact with the Occult
Chapter 16: Occult Counselors
Chapter 17: Physical Restraint
Chapter 18: Susceptibility to Spiritual Attack
Chapter 19: Forgiveness
Chapter 20: Dealing with Bitterness
Chapter 21: Renunciation of Sexual Sins
Chapter 22: The Incubi and Succubi
Chapter 23: Freedom from Inordinate Affections
Chapter 24: Subliminal Advertising
Chapter 25: Sex and the Single Christian
Chapter 26: Demonic Cults for the Young
Chapter 27: Testimonies
Chapter 28: God's Angels
Chapter 29: The Spirits of God
Chapter 30: Evil Spirits Mentioned or Implied in Scripture
Chapter 31: Possible Roots of Infirmity
Chapter 32: Further Suggestions about Deliverance
Chapter 33: Renunciation of the Occult
Chapter 34: Sickness & Demonic Symptoms
Chapter 35: Testimonies

Price: $12.00   Paperback
Product Code: 9781930275010


Freedom from the Hosts of Hell
"Freedom from the Hosts of Hell"
Win Worley
A Win Worley Book
"A Promise for Today"

Chapter 1: Wounded & Bruised Emotions
Chapter 2: The Demonic Roots of Diabetes
Chapter 3: Balancing Love and Discipline in Deliverance
Chapter 4: Desperate for Help
Chapter 5: Idols & Images (Disposing of Idols & Images, Good and Evil Kings, the Curse of Idols, Testimony)
Chapter 6: Tormenting Work of Demons
Chapter 7: The Curse of the Vagabond
Chapter 8: Witchcraft Working in the Church
Chapter 9: Rejection from the Womb (Fighting the Spirit of Gluttony, Crippled by Agoraphobia)
Chapter 10: Examining Curses (Curse of Losing the First Born, I was a Hopeless Schizophrenic, Delivered from Buddhism)
Chapter 11: Fragmenting the Souls of Demons
Chapter 12: More Information for Warfare
Chapter 13: Why Does Deliverance Take so Long? (Delivered from the Lust Trap, a Child of Incest, Death of a Marriage, Binding & Loosing Spirits)
Chapter 14: Notes on Submission to Male Authority
Chapter 15: The Promise of Eternal Life

Price: $12.00   Paperback
Product Code: 9781930275096


The Devilish Side of Sex (#1)
"The Devilish Side of Sex (#1)"
Win Worley
Worley Booklet #1. Topics covered: Marriage Breaking Spirits, Sex & The Single Christian Male, The Snare of Sexual Perversion, Sex Spirits & Their Renunciation, Testimonies of Deliverance, and A List of Spirits: Abortion, Abuse, Adultery, Barrenness & Infertility, Child Molestation, Frigidity, Impurity, Incest, Pornography, Sadism, Fantasy, and more. (For more information on this topic, search in the Title Box above for: SEX, SONGS OF DELIVERANCE, and MARRIAGE BED).

Price: $3.00   Paperback
Product Code: 1930275129


Battling Witchcraft & The Occult (#2)
"Battling Witchcraft & The Occult (#2)"
Win Worley
Worley Booklet #2. Topics include Breaking the Powers of Witchcraft, Reincarnation, Psychic Prayers, Transcendental Meditation, Cultism, Scriptures on the Occult, Hex Signs, Vows & Curses, and Summary Lists of the Occult: Fortune Telling, Magic, ESP, Mediums, Hypnosis, Seances, Voodoo, Handwriting Analysis, Ouija, Horoscope, Dowsing, Spirit Guides, and more. (For more information on this topic, search on WITCHCRAFT in the Topic Box above).

Price: $3.00   Paperback
Product Code: 190327513X


The Deadly Dangers of Witchcraft (#3)
"The Deadly Dangers of Witchcraft (#3)"
Win Worley
Worley Booklet #3. Topics include Battling Witchcraft on the Mission Field, How Balaam Became a Witch, Cursed Objects & Symbols, Also Jewelry Traps, A Word About Incense, and more. (For more information on this topic, search on WITCHCRAFT in the Topic Box above).

Price: $3.00   Paperback
Product Code: WW3


Warfare Prayers  (#4)
"Warfare Prayers (#4)"
Win Worley
Worley Booklet #4. This booklet contains specific warfare prayers for deliverance for numerous situations and needs: For the Troubled & Harassed Mind, To Renounce Pride, Breaking Curses, Breaking Rebellion or Unbelief, To Renounce Involvement in the Occult, To Renounce Sexual Sins, Prayers over Adopted Children, Declaring Authority over Homes & Offices, and more!

Price: $3.00   Paperback
Product Code: 1930275153


Curses, Soul Ties  (#5)
"Curses, Soul Ties (#5)"
Win Worley
Worley Booklet #5. A good introduction to curses, providing Biblical examples, and demonstration of how to deal with them. Topics also covered include: Soul Ties, Binding & Loosing, Self-Deliverance, Breaking Down Demonic Walls and Suggestions on Receiving Deliverance. (For more info on this topic, search on SOUL TIES in the Topic Box above. Also search on CURSES).

Price: $3.00   Paperback
Product Code: 1903275164


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